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Prayed for 3 times.


First, I send prayer and love to you all. May God bless you tremendously, heal what hurts within you & clear the trials on your paths. May you all get the desires of your hearts!

I need prayer for help with finding work. I'm in the health/medical/education field; I really want to be an educator/instructor and I've applied to many positions. Please pray that I land a job soon.

I also need prayer for my health, specifically my mental health. Physically I'm doing well-I've lost weight and other areas have been stable despite my stresses. But every time I get an ache or slight pain, I resort to negative thinking because of what I've been through regarding past health issues and surgeries. Please pray that I'm alright and just overreacting. Furthermore, I have overwhelming feelings of being a failure. I'm well educated but constantly passed over for jobs. I'm a caretaker for my parents, which has its own stresses (though I thank God everyday that I'm able to care for them!). I've never had an easy easy life, but the past few years have been incredibly stressful and painful. I find myself crying a lot and questioning so many things. I feel like I won't accomplish my goals (vision board) and I feel like a failure because I haven't been able to contribute to the household like I should. Please pray for me to get better and to not give up. I know God hasn't forgotten about me & I praise His name regardless. It's just been really tough.

Thank you. God bless.

Received: December 11, 2018

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